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Wintergarden Mall, Brisbane CBD, Australia: An $80 million revitalisation which presented considerable technical challenges due to its existing structural form. The original smoke control strategy could not be implemented without considerable expense and structural difficulties.

Wintergarden Mall, Brisbane

Wintergarden Mall, Brisbane

  • An alternative smoke control strategy half the size was proposed, and justified on the basis of quantifiable risk characteristics for such facilities.
  • The revised solution was accepted by all stakeholders and implemented without any coordination challenges or loss of leasable space.

Masters Hardware Stores, Queensland, Australia:

Masters Hardware Stores, Queensland

Masters Hardware Stores,

  • Developed fire engineered solutions which allowed increased retail shelving and reduced structural fire resistance ratings.
  • The fire engineered solutions utilised the mechanical ventilation system capacity and did not require any upsizing.

Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE: A $1 Billion, four level retail development of over 350,000m2 gross in area. The original smoke control strategy proved too difficult to implement and coordinate, thus necessitating an alternative approach.

Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

  • The final solution resulted in a smoke extract system that was 95% less, did not require baffles or zones, and was extremely easy to implement.
  • The solution was supported by a quantitative risk analysis which demonstrated that high volume smoke control in multi-level sprinkler protected retail developments does not provide any tangible fire life safety benefits.

Courtenay Central, Wellington, New Zealand: Three level retail and 10 cinema complex which required considerable fire engineering input to achieve maximum space utilization.

Courtenay Central, Wellington

Courtenay Central, Wellington

  • Fire engineered solutions reached reduced the cumulative exit route widths by nearly 50% and provided increased net leasable area and cinema seating over the prescriptive solutions.
  • A single smoke zone strategy allowed the mechanical engineers to integrate the architectural plan with ease.

Sohar Shopping Centre, Sohar, Oman:

Sohar Shopping Centre

Sohar Shopping Centre

  • Fire engineered solution enabled one of the Middle East’s largest developers to realise increased net leasable space for this 28,000m2 retail development.
  • Contrary to previous recommendations, the solution demonstrated via quantitative risk analysis, that the centre did not require any smoke control measures.
  • Reduced the cost of the mechanical plant provisions substantially.
  • Approved in a country where performance-based designs are typically not permitted.


  • Masterplan fire safety solutions
  • Structural fire analysis
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Fire safety audit
  • Fire and evacuation modelling
  • Third party review and support
  • Risk assessment
  • Construction supervision
  • Commissioning witnessing
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Fire Investigation
  • Expert witness
  • Fire systems reviews and audits
  • Fire brigade requirements
  • Asset fire mitigation strategies
  • Alternative emergency lighting solutions