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Westrac Storage Facility, Perth, WA:

  • Oversaw final Fire Engineering requirements for the storage facility, including reviewing the smoke control strategy, fire alarm requirements, and means of escape strategy from the automated storage facility.

QE II Car Park, Perth, WA: 7 Storey Car Park

  • Developed fire safety and evacuation strategy.
  • Included a specific means of escape strategy for the child care centre on the sixth level.
  • Elevators were specifically engineered to enable assisting staff in the event of evacuating young children.

Toucan Players Nightclub, Mandurah, WA:

  • Developed the fire engineering strategy which included reduced smoke control requirements.
  • Carried out final site inspection and witnessed commissioning testing.

Perth Facial Plastic Surgery, WA:

  • Carried out final site inspection and witnessed commissioning testing which incorporated an automated car stacking device.

Tassels Place Office Building, Perth, WA:

  • Developed fire engineering strategies and solutions for increased travel distances.
  • Developed solutions which reduced fire resistance ratings, fire hose reel requirements, and increased net leasable floor area.

Wintergarden Mall, Brisbane CBD, Australia: An $80 million revitalisation which presented considerable technical challenges due to its existing structural form. The original smoke control strategy could not be implemented without considerable expense and structural difficulties.

Wintergarden Mall, Brisbane

Wintergarden Mall, Brisbane

  • An alternative smoke control strategy half the size was proposed, and justified on the basis of quantifiable risk characteristics for such facilities.
  • The revised solution was accepted by all stakeholders and implemented without any coordination challenges or loss of leasable space.

Australian Aerospace, Queensland: This project was a hangar to store fuelled military aircraft. NFPA 409 Standard on Aircraft Hangars and AS 2118 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems mandate two fire pumps for such facilities.

Australian Aerospace, Queensland

Australian Aerospace,

  • A fire engineered solution demonstrated that a single fire pump would not compromise the overall fire risk to the facility.
  • The proposed single pump solution was accepted by the building control officer, the airport fire brigade officer, and the insurer. It was the first single pump aircraft hangar solution for an Australian aircraft hangar.

Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, QLD: $1.4 Billion, 11 storey hospital.

Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, QLD

Queensland Children’s Hospital,

  • Developed Fire Engineered solutions which did not require a zone pressure strategy.
  • Reduced the number of smoke control cause and effect scenarios from over 50 to 14.
  • The quantity of makeup air did not require any increase in HVAC sizing.

Regent Office High Rise, Brisbane, Australia: 36 storey high rise.

Regent Office High Rise, Brisbane, Australia

Regent Office High Rise,

  • Developed fire engineered solutions which did not require secondary structural steel members to be fire rated.
  • The fire safety strategy assessed the reliability of the sprinkler system and determined that the previous recommendation of a separate ceiling void sprinkler system on a separate feed was not necessary, allowing the Contractor to save approximately $1 million.

Zillmere Joint Centre, Brisbane, QLD:

  • Carried out Site inspection support for the four storey office building including smoke zone isolation strategy.
  • Advised on combustible roof insulation material suitability, and management-in-use door locking provisions.
135 Coronation Drive, Brisbane, QLD

135 Coronation Drive, Brisbane,

135 Coronation Drive, Brisbane, QLD: 10 Storey office building.

  • Provided construction inspection services and completion certificates.

Richmond Mall, Nelson, New Zealand:

  • Refurbishment of existing mall in Nelson, New Zealand.

AMI Stadium, Christchurch, New Zealand:

AMI Stadium New Zealand

AMI Stadium New Zealand

  • Provided construction monitoring of the 16,000 person capacity $40M West Stand development which included detailed egress calculations, assessment and auditing of safety barriers and handrails.
  • Audited the existing East stand for stair and access safety and determined that additional hand rails were not required even though the tread dimensions of each stair alternated by 25mm in length.


  • Masterplan fire safety solutions
  • Structural fire analysis
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Fire safety audit
  • Fire and evacuation modelling
  • Third party review and support
  • Risk assessment
  • Construction supervision
  • Commissioning witnessing
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Fire Investigation
  • Expert witness
  • Fire systems reviews and audits
  • Fire brigade requirements
  • Asset fire mitigation strategies
  • Alternative emergency lighting solutions